Body and Brain (B2) Dance Specific Conditioning is the creation of dance professors Amy Markgraf and Kate Monson. B2 specializes in dance specific conditioning, training, and health for dancers. Personalized programs are created for all types of dancers at all levels, with consideration of the specific goals of each company, class, or individual dancer.

We are dedicated to safe and effective training that values not just virtuosity but also longevity for dancers. All our work is based in dance science principles through our training in Laban Bartenieff Movement Analysis, kinesiology, and athletic training.

This website houses instructional films on various training subjects and skills. We are also personally available for workshops, guest teaching, and one-on-one consulting.  

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Kate Monson, Assistant Professor of dance and Faculty Affiliate of gerontology at Brigham Young University.

She holds an MFA in choreography from Ohio State University, is a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst, and is certified to teach Labanotation.

She is invested in researching dance technique pedagogy and dance conditioning and constantly working to balance virtuosity and longevity. This led to her interest in aging/ageism in dance which in turn led to the creation of the documentary And I Continue: A Conversation about Dance and Aging.

Kate co-produces "On Site Mobile Dance Series," a concert dance series produced in non-traditional spaces with Kori Wakamatsu and Ashley Anderson.


Amy Markgraf (MFA, MA) is an Associate Professor of Dance and the Dance Education Program Coordinator at Utah Valley University.

Her works have been showcased throughout the United States, Great Britain, Europe, Australia, South America, Philippians, and Asia.  

She has been a member of the Utah State Office of Education Curriculum Writing Team for the 2017 Core Standards in Dance.

Her current research focuses on the anatomy, training, and conditioning the dancer of today.

She is active in the Utah Dance Education Organization, the National Dance Education Organization, International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.


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